Founding Philosophies

Over the years, international flautist Wissam Boustany has developed some simple and powerful concepts that drive the creativity and preparation processes behind his work. These have become the foundation on PYP's approach to rehearsal and performance.

A Method Called Love

Love emerges as the single most powerful source of inspiration and discipline that can fulfil an individual’s potential on a personal, musical and technical level. Where love thrives so do respect, care, determination, discipline, joy and pain - the very passions that drive the creative process and push us to our exalted best. Wissam has harnessed this beautiful energy and given many workshops and classes worldwide under the title "A Method Called Love". PYP will build it's own unique culture and ethos on these concepts and principles.  



Towards Humanity

With time, Wissam will be introducing his long-term initiative Towards Humanity to PYP. Apart from being aesthetically and intellectually inspiring, music can be used as a catalyst to create real change in people’s lives, on many levels. Some of PYP’s concerts will be conceived as charity performances which will raise the profile and funds for participating charities, with the aim of supporting humanitarian initiatives through inspired musical collaborations.




During the rehearsal period prior to the concerts, the orchestra will be encouraged to engage in workshops and debates on various musical, humanitarian and philosophical topics. This will constitute an important part of the orchestra’s ethos and working discipline, insuring that an adventurous, inspired and functional atmosphere is maintained among members.


Professional Links

Whenever possible, PYP will be inviting prominent professional soloists and orchestral musicians to join the orchestra in rehearsals and concerts as leaders/mentors. These guests will help shape and inspire the orchestra, while at the same time acting as ‘scouts’, providing a valuable opportunity for PYP members to network and establish connections within the wider professional orchestral scene.

The magic lies in the connection, not the isolation.
— Wissam Boustany