Benefits to local communities

The role of music and the Arts as a unifying, uplifting force is more relevant than ever; their benefits as a source of inspiration and healing (not to mention pure fun!) cannot be overestimated in a world that faces huge political, economic, technological and social challenges.


Diverse Programming

Our programming will aim to give audiences a diverse and uplifting experience, offering inspiration and a wide perspective of life’s human treasures, beyond the economic and political spheres. Whenever possible, we will seek to create an element of interaction and debate within our performances.


Functional Communities

PYP will drive home the importance of LIVE performance and HUMAN interaction, contributing towards vibrant and functional relationships and communities, and thus counterbalancing the increasing presence of technology and Internet in our everyday life.


Local Charities

PYP will collaborate with local schools, music hubs and charities with a view to bringing inspired quality music to schoolchildren and/or people who are disabled, homeless or older. One hour from each dress rehearsal will be dedicated to a performance/workshop.


interaction facilitating opportunities

PYP’s interactions with diverse musicians and other professionals in rehearsals and concerts will help our members and audiences develop their skills, while creating important networking opportunities. PYP will generate meaningful work opportunities for the music industry, as well as local institutions.