Audition Guidelines

The aim of the audition is to identify where the candidates' natural talents and potential lie and to get a glimpse into their musical and personal aspirations. 

One of the biggest challenges that modern orchestras grapple with is the process of recruiting new members (i.e. auditions), which unfortunately often leads to serious anxiety among musicians who are applying for jobs. Wissam has worked with many orchestral musicians over the years and has developed an alternative to the established audition process.

The highly competitive and pressured situation of playing orchestral excerpts behind a screen and the very restrictive solo repertoire required in most auditions, often results in some of the finest and most creative musicians getting overlooked, to the detriment of the whole profession, as well as the great disappointment of budding musicians.

The PYP auditions are periodically advertised through various publications, social media, musical institutions and individual teachers. Auditions are open to selected candidates who are 22-32 years old and are either young professionals or advanced students (3rd/4th-Year or Post-graduate students) studying in colleges or universities.

The auditions are held in one round and are typically approximately 20-25 minutes, organised according to the following guidelines:


Application FORM

Candidates are encouraged to give as much information as possible, as this will influence the audition pre-selection process. 

Upon receipt of the application form and payment of the £20 application fee, PYP will be in touch to confirm preselection into the auditions or refund the candidate's application fee.



Auditions for all positions are currently held by Wissam Boustany personally. This might change, once PYP's ethos has been properly established and consolidated. 


Solo Repertoire

Candidates will be able to choose their own solo repertoire, with or without piano accompaniment (pianist to be provided by applicant), designed to reflect their individual strengths and talents – 6 minutes maximum.


Orchestral Excerpts

Candidates will have complete control over their choice of two orchestral excerpts and should choose excerpts that reflect their strengths. Applicants will have the opportunity to play and discuss the chosen excerpts – 4 minutes maximum.



Candidates will give a short improvisation in any style of their choosing, allowing them the opportunity to play what comes naturally to them –
3 minutes maximum.



Candidates should be prepared to engage in a short interview in which they will talk about their program and its challenges, as well as their long-term aims and musical aspirations – 7 minutes maximum.



PYP will let candidates know the time and venue of their auditions, as soon as timetabling and numbers of candidates become clear. Before the inaugural tour audition were held in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff but this may no longer be possible, if there are not enough candidates to justify a trip, so it is anticipated that most auditions will now take place in London or by video.

Please note that the audition results will only be made after the majority of all positions have been filled.