PYP is seeking to fill approximately 65 positions within the orchestra - numbers may fluctuate upwards or downwards, depending on repertoire. In addition to the 65 members, there will be a number of reserve positions offered, which may result in engagements, as well as possible promotion. 

PYP anticipates organising three work periods/tours per year, for which each member will be remunerated a £300 bursary per tour (£900 per annum).

A successful audition will result in a two-year membership of PYP or six tours (whichever is greater), subject to an initial trial period of two tours and the candidate's age falling between 22-32 during the time of his/her membership.

Only in extremely rare cases (illness, auditions and trials), will PYP accept absences or deputies for rehearsals and/or concerts. These will need to be applied for in advance. If a member proves to be unreliable, this will nullify his/her membership.

PYP will have a general policy of rotating positions, which will be at the total discretion of Wissam Boustany and PYP management. In most cases, these positions will be fixed for the duration of each tour. This policy is designed to create a flexible ensemble, while giving valuable leadership opportunities for as many PYP members as possible, creating an empowered, co-operative and non-competitive atmosphere within the orchestra.